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Anyone in Denver have painting stuff?


I want to paint the roof of my car black.
The rest of the car is white.
Dont ask me why. I just really want to.

If i were soooper lucky someone might offer me help since I havent done much painting before.
There would most definitely be cases of beer involved since it such a scientific process. 

I would imagine this could easily be done on any warm Saturday...
Worst case scenario We finish it up on Sunday....
I Park in a dirt parking lot so I have no where to do it.

I know I'm really new here but this is how I made Vw Friends back home in missouri...
Use the internet to Find people who want to work on Vw's, then meet each other and get shit done.
pardon my french.

A members former ride had a black roof, a reflex silver passat, some pictures can be seen here:


He had it done by a shop. Not sure how many folks are doing there own body painting, maybe some small parts here and there. If someone can help out or point you in the right direction they will chime in.

I'm really anxious to start this project...
I plan on painting the lower side panels a darker black too...
I have 5 percent window tint for all my rear windows and 20 percent for the front...
I have since blacked out the front Vw emblem and Plan on doing the rear sometime this weekend...
I really want to incorporate the old vw logo somewhere but need ideas...
If you dont know what it looks like, its the logo by my name...

bah. so much to do, so little time.
Ive only had this car a few months...

That silver Passat was mine.

I don't disagree with you, a black painted roof hides the black hole in your roof from the sunroof and provides a sleek continuous look from the windshield to the back glass and looks especially sharp if you have a light colored car.  That was one of the reasons I got the panorama glass roof on my current car.

I got the painted roof on my Passat done by Perry and Terry's Autobody on 6th Street near downtown.  They did an okay job, however they left a white powdery residue all over my interior from the wet sanding and didn't bother to clean it up.
I had good luck with Apex Autobody on West Colfax, they have done many Audi's and club members, you should give them a call.

Another good alternative is to have your roof vinyl wrapped in black.  It is much cheaper and faster and could be peeled off if you change your mind or decide to sell your car. 



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