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Finally Doing the K04 thing that everyone loves


Since I'm terribly unmotivated to do my own timing belt, I figured I'd have Randy do it and put a new turbo in while he's got it all open :) I'll be down April 28-32nd...need to work Thursday and Friday probably (when APS has my car) as I have editing coming out my ears but we should hook up or something- I'm not leaving to head back to the north country until Sunday.

Swapping out REVO for GIAC too...

Woot! Would be great to see you while you're here. Let us know as the dates get closer on your schedule and hopefully we can get some time to hang out.

Yea for K04's.  Yea for having randy do the work!

not sure how you will manage to be here (or anywhere really) on the 32nd of April?????

that said, let us know when you are in town.

You guys are funny. April 32nd = May 2 ;) Molly and I are coming in Wednesday night and leaving Sunday.

Woot, look forward to hearing details of a GTG.


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