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Tower of London

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I miss the Colorado, but am making the most of all these trips overseas.  Yesterday I visited the Tower of London.

It was one tour in London I had not yet been on.   It was an impressive place to visit.  The white tower is under construction, but despite that, the entire place was amazing.  If you go definitely take the time to take the tour with the yeoman warders.  the guy did an awesome job.

here are some pics for the day:

no wide angle lens so this one was photostitched from 3 pics:

very cool!

nice, history is fun isn't it...its been to long since i have been back.

The Empire cheats!  They clip the wings of the Ravens so they do not fly away, which it is said, would lead to the fall of the Empire.

I really enjoyed my tour there in 95.  Would love to go back.

Maybe we should have a GTG abroad sometime ;D

Maybe we should all order some cars for European delivery.


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