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I need your Audi for photos! - FoCo/N. Denver


I know this is a long shot, but it would be a huge help if anyone has a car that I can use!

For an upcoming school project I need one of each of the following cars to take photos of. The project is a visual argument portraying the change in styling of Audi's B-chassis over the years. If I use your car, you will get a professional photo shoot of your car and edited images on CD for your personal use.

 - Fox
 - 4000 (preferably csq)
 - 80
 - 90 (preferably csq)
 - B5 A4
 - B6 A4
 - B7 A4
 - B8 A4
 - S4
 - RS4
 - Avant (preferably B5 or B6)

(bold/italics mean I have someone lined up)

Because this is a school project, I need cars as close to stock as possible, minor modifications are OK but nothing major please. I'm located Fort Collins but am willing to travel.

Please PM me with some info on your car and photos if possible if you're interested. :)

If you would like to see an example of my work click here

Here you go:

There may be one or two others in my main Picasa page.


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