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Andrew(34k) - 1987 VW Westfalia Syncro Weekender

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Well I've dropped a hint here and there about the new project and I'm just trying to get some photos put together today since I'm going to be all douche-baggy and not post those yet. Photos are taken, but I need to organize them and re-size a bit before I upload them.

Perhaps a little game? We need some more traffic on this forum!  ;D

From Pat's FS post on the A4:

--- Quote from: DenverPat ---I'd like something small, fun, lightweight, German and under $15,000.  That rules out a lot of cars.
--- End quote ---
Like I said there, it's 3 out of those 5 criteria he posted.

And I was looking for 5x112 wheels for it which I've now found all five I need including a VERY important full size spare.

Ahhhh so there you go. Will this fail, is it lame? PROBABLY, but until I get the photos ready that's all I got.  :P

5x112 bolt pattern?

Let's see...
S4- smallish, but too obvious.

SLK-class - small, lightweight, but i don't think the trunk could fit a full size spare.

Passat - not small nor lightweight.

Heya Alan!

Lessee... None that you mentioned there, though the wheels did come off a Passat and it does share something very fundamental in common with the S4.

Another clue, I'll be bringing it to VWOTG and I'll be able to park it with the show cars, though in its current state it is not even close to a "show car" and in fact, one of the deciding factors in buying it was because of this very soon new addition to the family. If you recognize the breed, that's not a SMALL clue.  :D

Did you buy that Mexican VW pickup thing that was for sale on Craigslist a little while ago?   :)

Or, I think that some Vanagons and Eurovans are 5X112.  But that rules out two critera - small & lightweight.  Mk5 GTI?


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