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Andrew(34k) - 1987 VW Westfalia Syncro Weekender

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VW T3 syncro

that looks awesome.  congrats on the new truck!

Thanks all! It's really about making it fun for road trips and camping. We needed something big enough to fit an Irish Wolfhound and since neither of my Golfs or my wife's Subaru would work for long, I started looking for one of these. The dog should be here sometime around the end of June, beginning of July.

I've actually started the process of breaking down the MK4 and I'll be posting a For Sale in a bit with the part-out and the whole car. *sniff* I just can't justify owning four vehicles. I've been working about a mile from home so since last Summer I've been walking to work every day. So basically... I almost never drive anymore. That'll be great for the dog and since my office is dog-friendly he'll be with me every day. Good stuff, but one of the cars has to go.

Plus, parts $$ and car $$ will go into the new work on the van.

MIKE: The Mk2 won't be going anywhere! For sure on the rolling shots etc. No rush at all though. I may be changing some stuff up a bit too. I just threw a new alternator in it a while ago and haven't fired it up yet but I've got an emissions test to do this month so it won't be long.

While writing this i got a call from the tire shop and my BFGs are in! More pics to come.

Totally awesome! How funny that Renee and I were just talking about these vehicles the other weekend. Great choice.

That's funny Jay, talking as in thinking of buying?

Oh and anybody who's planning on going, Wendy and I will be out at VWOTG, so stop by and say hi.

New tires... new attitude? Well, maybe not but certainly new altitude. The 14" that came on the van were waaaaay smaller than the stock size. These new ones put it very close to where it should be. And there's the Passat wheels in all their rattle-canned glory.


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