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Andrew(34k) - 1987 VW Westfalia Syncro Weekender

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Andrew - Nice addition to the stable.  The T3 synchro has always been one of my faves.  I'd love to check it out sometime.

--- Quote from: 34k on May 06, 2010, 01:52:20 PM ---The hard part isn't finding one so much as finding one for not ridiculous money. I mean, here's a nice one on Go Westy for $65k...

I still have no idea how those prices are justifiable.  ???

--- End quote ---

Supply / demand and crazy west coasters with too much money.  GoWesty does nice work and basically the vehicle comes out in like new condition and warranty to boot.

My T4 EV westy wkender is holding its value really well.  VW tried to give them away (relatively speaking) in 2002/2003 cause they stopped producing the T4 for american mkt.  Now there is enough demand that i could almost get what i paid for it back in 1/03.

Andrew the wheels and tires really look nice.  Great choice.  Any engine swap in your future?



--- Quote from: redline on May 06, 2010, 10:16:24 PM ---WOW. I want what they're smoking. 65k for anything VW (Phaeton excluded ) is rather ludicrous imo...
--- End quote ---
Oh I didn't pick the most expensive ones either. Just one that happened to be for sale right now.
How about $124k, $119K and $105k for their top three?  :-X

I mean I understand the whole supply/demand thing and that they are restoring them to "mile 0" and the quality of their work, but the math just doesn't seem to work out for me. Oh well, someone else's money! I'm not hating on anybody, GoWesty or the buyers. After all, I've spent a fair amount of money at GoWesty so far. I'm just a bit baffled by their vehicle sales prices.

Ohhhhh I've got an engine swap in the works for sure. I haven't laid those plans out very firmly yet though. I'm currently leaning towards the EJ25. I'd thought for a while about the 3.3 SVX especially with the weight of the Syncro/Weekender combo, but at the same time, I'd be concerned with the longevity of the transmission. I'm already looking at a rebuild on it as 2nd gear is a bit fiddly.

Are you planning on being out at VWOTG? Like I said, the wife and I will be there rockin the van. I'd like to check out the EV W/E. I've only ever been in a non-camp/weekender and that was some time ago.


Not sure if I'll be at VWOTG yet.  Hoping to make it but potentially could be out with client playing golf. 

Have you or did you check out JDB imports?  Last time I was up there they had a few EJ conversion T3 non synchro set-ups.  The mechanic there is a nice guy but would not take my T4 there after he quoted 6hrs to change the spark plugs in it (vr6 2.8).

Keep us posted of what you are doing on it.


Andy, that is sweet!   I haven't been in this section for a while and glad I checked it out.

My buddy Brooks has what I think is an 80 or 81 Westfalia.  He loves it, but it's not in quite as good of shape as yours.  It's also air cooled, so it has a tough time getting up 70 to get into the mountains, but he did manage to get it all the way up to near Bierstadt last summer to meet us for some camping.

I know you are going to dig it!  It's looking great already. 

So you said you are selling the Mk4?  That's a bummer!

Good to hear from you!



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