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Andrew(34k) - 1987 VW Westfalia Syncro Weekender

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--- Quote from: KWilson on May 03, 2010, 12:19:45 PM ---Did you buy that Mexican VW pickup thing that was for sale on Craigslist a little while ago?   :)

--- End quote ---
Nope! Though that would take care of the dog issues and I think that thing was 4x100? Could be wrong, but I thought I saw 4-bolt Schmidt Modernlines on that thing a while back.

--- Quote from: KWilson on May 03, 2010, 12:25:20 PM ---Or, I think that some Vanagons and Eurovans are 5X112.  But that rules out two critera - small & lightweight.  Mk5 GTI?

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Hmmm, not a Mk5. Though of course you've got the bolt pattern there, I'd feel pretty awful putting one of those dogs in a hatchback!

I did say 3 out of the 5 criteria, but what fundamentally would make a Vanagon or Eurovan similar to a S4?  ;D


--- Quote from: 34k on May 03, 2010, 12:45:17 PM ---I did say 3 out of the 5 criteria, but what fundamentally would make a Vanagon or Eurovan similar to a S4?  ;D

--- End quote ---

Four wheels and a full-sized spare? :D

OK then, how about a Passat Wagon?  I'd guess A4 Avant, but I don't think VWOTG likes Audis, do they?

Well, so the key  question here ends up being "what fundamentally would make a Vanagon similar to a S4?"
So the answer is, AWD! In this case, it's a SYNCRO baby!

"Meet my new best friend, Boxy Brown." ~Meatwad

1987 VW Westfalia Syncro Weekender
~100k on the clock

It's bit of a rare combination to have a Weekender Syncro. I wasn't actually LOOKING for a Syncro, I was just looking for a regular Weekender but I ran across this for a very fair price and decided to go for it.

This weekend I installed new GoWesty bumpers and skid plate. The skid plate requires removing the spare tire from the front. I've got plans for that later.

I also installed the South African grille

I primed and painted the wheels a gloss black as well.
Just waiting on some BFG T/A tires to mount those up.

Lots of interesting plans for it in the works though I'm going to have to catch up on some various maintenance issues first.

General tune-up stuff
New front rotors/pads
Replace fuel lines
Front passenger CV is torn to hell

It JUST fits into my garage with these wheels. I may have to let some air out of the others to get it in there.

So there we are. Game Over.
I'll post up more as the work progresses with various stuff

I have always wanted one of those!  Looks like it's in good condition.  Congratulations!

Taken it off any sweet jumps yet? :D

Whoa, did not that coming! I can't wait to see what you do with it Andrew!

PS; did you still want some rolling shots of the GTI? I was just thinking about VWOTG last year and realized I completely forgot to get back to you on getting some shots!


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