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Apologies if anyone tried accessing the site in the last hour or so and was unable to access it.  Upgraded to a newer version of the software. Hope you enjoy it. 

One plan is to take the old image galleries and put them into a better integrated interface. Who knows what else. :)

site looks great Jay!

I like it!  Looks great!!  Nice work Jay, and thanks for all of it.

I like it!

Now, how do I go about setting the correct time?

haha, this updated version let me actually set the server time instead if you guys needing to try and figure it out. Go into your profile:;area=theme;u=2

It should show you the current forum time and an offset. My offset is 0 and I see (at the time of posting this):

Current forum time: May 14, 2010, 01:36:53 PM


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