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2002 S4


After 7 years, think it is finally time to part with my S4.  Just decided to do this, will add a link to a Craigslist add when I get some decent pictures of the car. 

2002 Audi S4 sedan, Silver with light grey interior, 6 speed manual.  74,xxx miles, it has been an AMAZING car.  Bought it with 9,000 miles on it from Prestige in Denver. Only recently has it had any major "non scheduled" service (replaced motor mounts, secondary water pump, throttle body boot, and water pipe O-rings).  Have used synthetic oil on all oil changes.  Timing belt service done, new brakes (rotors and pads) last year.  Only mods on it are a short shifter (honestly not sure what brand, was put in the first year I had the car, and a "Chas bar" (Lower tie bar, made out of aluminum and custom made / fit by one of our members here! Thanks Chas! :))  Will try to get some pictures of it in the next week.  Feel free to ask me any questions about it.


Sorry to hear you are selling it, but you have had it longer than most S4 owners.  What are you going to get next?

I don't know, I keep thinking I am selling it, but then I change my mind (mostly because I can't find anything else I will like as much, for the same money)...


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