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Hello everybody!  I have just bought my 3rd VW and I am glad I did!  Just picked up a 05 jetta GLI with 1.8T and cleaning it up.
I just got a bunch of extras for it!  Replacing all hoses with Forge and Eurojet.  Added a GodSpeed Intercooler, APR 91 chip and Forge DV.  Nuespeed 2.5 coils,  strut bar and cold air intake. 
The GLI is in the body shop right now fixing all dinged panels, adding a carbon fiber hood and a VW R-line grill.  Lots more to come!  I am hoping to get it to the Dyno after everything is complete. Does anyone have any recomendations on hwo I should goto?
I will post some pics when I get it from the body shop!  I would like to make it to a meeting to check out everybody's rides!

welcome to the board

Welcome! The last of the 1.8T's you got there, very cool.  The key with a Dyno, is whichever one you select, be sure to always go to that one for consistency.

Welcome.   Those are the best looking jettas.  VW definitely had a winner there.

Thanks all, been outta town and just got home! But just to turn around and have the boss say i need to leave again! I will get those pics whenever I can be home for more that a day!!!


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