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2002 Audi Allroad in Colorado - $8,800 (and my intro post!)


Hey guys-  I'm a newb here, and more of a Subaru guy myself (flame away if you want, since I'm on your turf!)  My experience with Audi has been good, but limited to helping a relative try to sell his Allroad, and I figured I'd list it here to try and move it along.  It's been fun while it lasted, and I really like driving the car.. I seriously considered buying this one, but just can't afford it right now.

Anyway, there's my intro.. here's what I'm selling! 

2002 Audi Allroad, brilliant black, 95k miles, all scheduled maintenance is up-to-date and I have records for most of it.  The vehicle was serviced at Sterling Auto in Englewood CO, and they probably have all the records available as well.

It's Brilliant Black, the paint is in great condition with just a few surface scratches and one small area that looks like it was aggressively polished, but I was able to buff it out quite well.  Non smoker, no pets, never abused (or even off-roaded) and the car was mostly driven by my Uncle from Silverthorne to Georgetown.  He is the 3rd owner, I'm just helping him sell it because he still lives in Georgetown, has some health issues, and didn't have the time or energy to show the car. 

It had the full 80k mile service completed in April of 2010, and in May of 2010 also had the following replaced, right before I picked it up from him:
New wiper blades, brake pads, air filter, cabin air filter, spark plugs, and fuel filter.  Recent oil change (synthetic) and transmission fluid change, and almost new all season tires.  Prior to the car being handed over to me to sell, it also had a bunch of things fixed up in hopes that it would help to sell quickly, but I've had it listed on Craigs' for several months with no serious buyers yet. 

This is the additional stuff that was done along with the 80k mile service:
Replaced brake light switch
Replaced cup holder
Replaced ABS/Traction control light switch
Polished headlight lenses
Professionally detailed

We started it at $10k but have dropped it to $8,800, and that's about as low as he's willing to go (unless we're way off on the price?)  If the car sells, I will get the title from him, and be able to meet at a bank, etc.  He also trusts me to negotiate the price, but I can tell you right away that the price is only flexible by $100 or so (it's missing the menu control knob next to the e-brake handle, but that's the only thing I can find wrong with it).

Here are a couple photos, let me know if you want more photos or want to see it in person- the car is in the Wesminster/Broomfield area, but I work in Boulder and can drive it to work if it's easier to meet there.

Thanks for looking!


Looks like a nice car, good luck with the sale!

Oh yeah, car was sold a few weeks ago.  Sorry I forgot to update.  Thanks everybody! 


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