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Jetta VI write up on vortex



Front end somewhat reminds me of a B5 Passat :)

Tail looks a little like a current A4

Overall the exterior is pleasing.  I am not a big fan of the Jetta V, just a personal taste thing.

I like it.  BUT, does it really have to be "..more than 3.5 inches longer than its predecessor."  Man, when is this growth thing going to stop?  Enough is enough already.  That thing is way bigger than my old 528!

The Passat is going to die off for the US and it's replacement is rumored to be bigger as well. I think where the Passat is right now is perfect. I bet the new Jetta is bigger than the B5 Passat was. :)

My parents have the new Golf, I'm a huge fan.  Looks great, drives nice and basically I'm just jealous.


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