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I heart Euro small hot hatches!


Recently I have seen a Fiat 500 Abarth with dealers plates going down Colfax.
I'm hearing it will be sold here which should be awesome.

Another likely small hot hatch coming to NA soon would be the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The styling is sexy for a hatch and the interior was designed to be sporty.

One small hot hatch which I don't think will make it here unfortunately would be the Seat Leon Cupra R:

that's one sexy smooth ass!

I could lick those seats!

Here's another, the Citroen DS3:

This is a bizarre collaboration with Toyota, the Aston Martin Cygnet (I am strangly intrigued by it):

oh yeah, and the VW Scirocco R:

The alfa looks aufi-vw-esque from the rear. I like it the best visually.

Whoa, the Citroen DS3 is hot! I would love to see that driving around the US as well as any Alfa! Definitely looking forward to seeing exactly what we get out of the european brands who have bought out or made deals with American manufacturers.

The heck with all those, I want a Ford Focus RS, or the VW Golf R with the 5 cylinder turbo AWD...

Love the styling of the Alfa.  Hopefully it drives as well as it looks, but I'm skeptical.


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