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Friday August 13: Farewell loft party!!!

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How about Friday August 13th, starting 5 or 6-ish?

Help me empty my kitchen and liquor cabinet!

I will be out of town the 30th - 1st

The 7th may work, gragravar and I will be on a MC ride that day, but could make an evening event.

16 & 17 I have no conflicts.

Whichever date is good for the masses obviously, but that's my schedule.

We'll also be out of town the last couple days of July.  As of right now the others work.

31th doesn't work for me.  Concert at Red Rocks. 
Aug 7th I'm doing that bike ride too and would rather not do it that night.

All other nights or week nights work for me. 

Aug 7th I am on the same motorcycle ride - Jay is nuts - I am not doing much of anything when the ride is over except sleep.  Other dates are generally workable as long as I am in town.


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