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Friday August 13: Farewell loft party!!!

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See date/time above.
Hopefully this works for everyone.

Frances and I are in!   :D

im in depending on date, and if my car is not semi-overheating. today i drove with full heater ON!!!!! 104f + heater= human oven. i wish i could just park the car but its my only sorce of trasportation.  i already replaced the thermostat and CTS. and still the same.

It's been a long time since I have seen you peeps.  I bet I can swing by, that is if I am still welcome.  :-P    Got rid of the old ride and would love to hang out and show off the noob-rod!

That's August 13, right? Tyffany and I have aikido class till 8:30 in Lone Tree, but we can drop by on the way home. We would probably get to downtown by 9:30.


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