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so, this is more about the bike, but it is still a modification.

what's this?

Nicely packaged new exhaust:

the megaphone can even comes in a nice bag

Snapped a pic of the stock look before the surgery began

part way through, stock pipes are off

The new look - I also removed the passenger footpegs (that part was a real PITA compared to the rest of the install)

A look at the parts removed

actually I had to put that black servo motor back in as I was getting a check engine light without it. 

so bottom line - I LOVE IT! 

it looks great - it sounds great.  perfect.

It is loud, but in a good way.  I rode to lunch, and if it were not 100 degrees out I would be headed out on a long ride just to listen to the bike.  :-)

here is a video of the difference in sound.  the camera really doesnt do this justice.  you can tell the sound is richer/deeper but the volume change is difficult to distinguish


Sounds mean... like Mad Max mean.  Can't wait to hear it in a couple weeks. 

I heard it yesterday.


I think pat was a little disturbed by the volume.   ::)

I still love the sound though.

I want a new exhaust as well, though I really have no idea how loud mine is. Then again I guess my bike just sounds like the wimpy little twin it is.

Sounds good man, not sure how I will keep up with you guys in a few weeks. :)


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