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I have entered in a contest to name the newest landmark condo development on the east side of downtown Toronto, located across the street from the Sony Centre for Performing Arts and the under-construction 58-story Libeskind 'L Tower' condo (same architect as the Denver Art Muesum).  Toronto is currently going through a hug building boom.

The best name judged amongst from the top 10 votes will be awarded $5,000 and have the name on the building, while runners up will receive an iPad.
Unfortunately the contest has been infiltrated by many prank and not-so-serious entries. A radio station from the U.K. (1st place for "M00T") and Stephen Colbert fans were a few that got into the act, but there are still some decent entries to vote from.
So my entry is "The Avant" which is a simple name that suggests forward thinking (avantgarde), and its forward location being close to the waterfront. I soon realized its Audi connection connection.
Click here to vote:

The Avant

I thin you could only vote for one entry per day, so I hope you could vote for my entry. Voting ends August 20th. If I win I will be sure to share the wealth!


there's two more weeks left in this contest.
Eventhough there has been over 2800 entries, my name has cracked the top 60 a few times.
Because of all of the not-so-serious entries that are at the top of the most voted, they have changed the rules and will be judging the top chosen entries rather than automatically awarding the top 5 voted.  My name is a long shot, but I think it has merit to be considered.

Vote and vote often (there's a 1 vote max. per day).
THanks for your vote!

Crap I didn;t realize it was a vote per day thing. I voted way back when. Back at it I guess. :D

Did not know it was a per day thing either.  Voted via computer and phone.   I'll try to vote daily for you.  Considering it is the only entry I know it is my favorite one. 


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