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updated 8/11

Hey guys! Long time no see. As many of you know, our family has been living overseas. All of my car stuff has been sitting in our garage for 4 years now. Just wanted  to list them out for you guys so that you can benefit from them. I don't have time to take pics of everything, price them, and all that so they are all FREE! If you want to participate with us in our overseas work, donations are accepted. These need to be picked up near DU by Saturday,  August 14 at 12pm noon, or else they will sit in the garage for another two years or until we return for another visit. I believe everything is in good condition. Not sure about the brake fluid. I used about half of it and it has been stored sealed in the original container.

- craftsman 3 ton floor jack + 2 jack stands
- metal ramps
- shoei rf-800 helmet
- plastic gas tanks (2.5 and 5.25 gallon)
- 2 quarts of mobil 1 0w-30 synthetic motor oil
- 3 micro-fiber towels
- 1 6.5" round orange pad for random orbital sander
- few hundred feet of 16 gauge wire (red, orange, blue, and black)
- about 50 feet of 10 gauge power wire
- stock side markers from a 2000 passat
- Chas headrest camera mount

- ate super blue brake fluid (about 300-400mL)
- mobil 1 5w-30 (about 200mL)
- mother's back-to-black (about 2oz)
- einszett paint polish (green container, about 500mL)
- einszett silber spray (about 200mL)
- wurth lacquer spray special (about 200mL)
- klasse all-in-one (red container, about 500mL)
- meguiar's gold class leather cleaner + conditioner (about 200mL)

We've got other miscellaneous non-car related things too in our garage. Thanks a lot fellas.

Everything stored away for the next visit. Thanks Mike for picking up some things.


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