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Lost my keys, still easy to replace?


Been gone a while :)

Last week I dropped my keyring somewhere in downtown, and now I'm going about replacing my keys, including my car key :(

I assume I don't need to go through the dealer? I know when I had my Passat, you could just get the remotes on Ebay, etc and pair them, that still the case?

Haven't started looking yet, mainly so that I don't get suckered and end up at the dealer anyway :)

It's for my 07 A4 Wagon

Thanks guys!

UPDATE: Crap forgot, the replacing is easy it's the blade that has to be cut if it's new. drat! Assume the dealer is the only option there?

Are they still using blades? That is probably the case. Historically the blade had the "chip" in it.  Then it's a matter of finding someone to cut it. At least that's how it used to be.

I'm all retro these days so I hardly remember what it's like to have a neat looking car key. :)


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