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We may be moving the site to a new host....sigh

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another vote for dreamhost.

Ian, I am looking for 2 accounts overall one for my HOA and one for me/RMCB5. The HOA doesn't need a ton. I think right now it is setup with like a 5GB max.  For RMCB5/me I have been using an account with 15GB space, but in actuality only using less than 3GB. The majority is RMCB5, I'm sure i have some backups sitting out there too I need to remove.

My skepticism with dreamhost is everything is unlimited for $100/year, but  that is overkill for the HOA and even for us. I would rather have tiered rates based on storage. I'll keep looking at them, I need to make a decision for the HOA today or tomorrow and get that site moved at the very least. I think I may just do that with GoDaddy since the domain is there too and it can easier for someone to manage in the future.

Thanks again for the input.

Hi Jay. We are on I'm not necessarily recommending them, just letting you know we are fine w/ their services. You helped w/ some permission issues in the past which the host had to correct. I think the prices are good though.


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