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For those of you with experience using both or either of these content management systems, what are your thoughts on them? I've heard excellent things about WordPress, but it doesn't seem ideal for an information-based website without the blog as the main center. I've been steered towards Joomla, but have also heard that it has big security holes. Any thoughts?

Mike you've pretty much hit it. WP is great for a blog and even a blog+other, but the focus should be a blog. I have seen a number of sites that are not blog centric that still use WP but at that point I ask why?

I have used Joomla a little, but like WP or any other open source application, you have to stay up to date on updates. Joomla is more of a CMS than WP.

I would also look at Drupal. Played around with it recently, and it was pretty slick. Actually like it a bit better than Joomla.

Regardless of which route you go. If you do anything "custom" staying up to date can sometimes be a pain, but it is insanely important to stay up to date.

Thanks for the feedback Jay! What do you like about Drupal better?

It's been a number of months since I was messing with it, but I liked the interface better. Both Drupal and Joomla should have solid user bases. If you have a hosting account setup I would install both and see which you like using the best.

One may fit your need better than the other. Overall they are both good products.


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