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Sold!  Received deposit today!!

Year: 2002
Make: VW
Model: GTI
Motor: 1.8T
Miles: ~80K

Since I’ve decided to take a couple year hiatus from racing, I have also decided to sell my racecar.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I really don’t want to see the car sit for two years – it deserves to be on the track.  Second, when I do come back I think I want to build and race something different (I’m leaning towards a Boxster or late model VW Rabbit).  I bought this car off the showroom floor in January 2002.  I started autocrossing in 2005 and in 2007 it was converted to a full time racecar.  It’s currently built for NASA’s GTS-2 class, but can easily be bumped to GTS-3 by adding power and pulling some weight.  Being FWD, it is very easy and fun to drive, and with the right driver, can be very quick.  Mike Sweeney and Ian Baas, current APR factory drivers in the Continental Tire Challenge, drove the car and loved it.  You can see video, photos, and articles at

Make no mistake, though, this is now a purpose built vehicle that won’t see public roads again (at least, without a lot of effort/money).  It does have a few minor bumps and scrapes from on-track incidents, but after every incident, the vehicle was taken to the frame machine to assure nothing has damaged the drivability.  The car easily passes NASA’s 50/50 visual requirement.  It drives straight and true and looks great.

I also have a 20’ fully enclosed, 7000lb. beavertail trailer (black exterior) that I am including in the asking price.  The trailer is older, and rough, but does the job.  I replaced the ramp door wood last year and painted the surface with garage floor paint (included grit for added traction).  It includes two tool chests, a workbench, exterior floodlights, and an overhead storage shelf.  There is room in one corner for a stack of tires (number dependant upon size).  All lights work, as do the electric brakes.

I am asking $15,000 for the car, all the spares listed below, and the trailer.  This price is completely negotiable, and can be adjusted down considerably by removing individual components (e.g. if you don’t want the Recaro seat, I can pull that out and adjust price accordingly).  While I’m negotiable, however, I do not have to sell this, and if it doesn’t sell, I’ll have no regrets about coming back in a couple of years and racing it again.  What this means is that I won’t take your Honda Civic EX with the tite (yo) unpainted body kit in the trunk in straight trade.  Delivery can be arranged/negotiated.

If you have any questions please contact me at 720.270.2147 or email me at  The car is available for viewing.

2010 3rd Place GTS-2 NASA National Championships
2010 1st Place GTS-2 NASA Regional Championship
2009 1st Place GTS-3 NASA Regional Championship
2008 8/18 E0 (18/63 Overall) NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill
2008 1st Place GTS-3 NASA Regional Championship
2007 1st Place FP SCCA Solo2
2006 4th Place SM SCCA Solo2

Lap times (from

Mid-America Motorplex - 1:50.253
Mid-Ohio Pro Course (w/o chicane) - 1:45.963 (GTS-3)
Thunderhill W/ Bypass - 2:01:423 (GTS-3/E0) (driven by Patrick Barrett)
Hallett - 1:28.702 - GTS-3
High Plains Raceway - 2:05.065 (GTS-2); - 2:09.934 (GTS-3)
Miller Motorsports Park Outer Loop - 2:15.122 (GTS-3); - 2:16.858 (GTS-2)
Motorsports Park Hastings (MPH) - 1:41.343 (GTS-2); - 1:43.903 (GTS-3)
Pike's Peak International Raceway (PPIR) CW -1:06:021 (GTS-2); CCW -1:04.398 (GTS-4); -1:05.588 (GTS-2)
Pueblo Motorsports - 1:44.810 (GTS-3); - 1:47.149 (GTS-2);

-Front Mount Intercooler – Treadstone core; stainless steel piping
-Kaaz Clutch-based limited slip differential (LSD) – 3.64 final drive
-8-pt. Built-by-Bones cage w/ NASCAR bars on both doors
-ECS Tuning Lightweight pullies
-StopTech front BBK (328x28mm) w/ PFC 97 pads
-ECS Tuning rear BBK w/ Pagid stock pads
-Koni Yellow shocks front and rear
-Ground Control coilover conversion
-Ground Control race camber plates
-Recaro Profi SPG XL driver’s seat
-Corbeau passenger seat
-Corbeau 5 pt. harness for driver (expired 9/2010, still good for non-race events)
-Corbeau 5 pt. harness for passenger
-Gutted interior, has weight added to bring comp weight to 2685Lbs. (185HP/TQ average)
-Current NASA logbook
-Carbon fiber hood, painted sides in Rave Green, hood pinned.
-Drag DR-21 17x9.5 et17 wheels, fenders pulled and rolled to accommodate
-Lexan windshield always with tear-off
-Battery relocated to rear spare tire well
-Battery cut-off switch in reach of driver (and outside)
-Eibach springs – 550lb 8” rear, 600lb, 7” front
-Custom developed rear beam stiffening
-Custom made brake-cooling plates with dual 2” ducts feeding each wheel
-VF Engineering engine mounts
-Polyurethane dog-bone mount inserts
-H2Sport drop spindles
-H2Sport Lower control arms with spherical bushings
-Intraxx front swaybar
-Secondary Air Injection and HVAC deleted
-42 Draft Designs 3” race exhaust (no CAT, no muffler)
-Driver’s side aspherical mirror and roll bar 17” Longacre convex mirror
-Roll-bar mounted camera mount
-Sunroof deleted with aluminum panel
-Right and left side nets
-GIAC software
-OMP Superleggero steering wheel
-Quick release hub
-Fidanza lightweight flywheel and South Bend 4 puck clutch (unsprung)
-New South Performance intake gasket
-Bildon race studs
-Ducted (3”) and smoothed stock airbox
-APR R1 Diverter valve

-StopTech slotted rotors (328x28mm) – need turned to remove material from poor bedding
-StopTech rotor hats
-H2Sport drop spindles (brand new)
-Eibach 500lb 8” springs
-10 17x8 et30 Kosei K1 TS Wheels – various states of roundness, but 15.5lbs each, kept since they are no longer available for car
-Audi TT/R32 Spindles, control arms, and sway links
-Audi TT/R32 Koni Yellow front struts
-4 Hoosier wets (225/45/17)

Cars I would consider in partial or full trade, depending on value of your vehicle (Cars in bold will receive preferential valuation):

VW: MKV Rabbit or GTI (2-Door), MKIV R32 (DBP), old air-cooled, this ’65 Beetle:, or ???
Porsche: Boxster, older 911/930, ???
Audi: A4 (S-line Avant), D2 S-8, A8, A6 (4.2L), S4, or ???
Toyota: Landcruiser (FJ40 or FJ80 – well built), Tacoma, Pre-2003 4Runner, or ???
Land Rover: Disco II, or ???
BMW: M3, 3-Series (ix/xi), or ???
American: Old muscle, or ???

This is by no means an exclusive list.  If it’s not a project, and you want to trade, let’s talk.

Seems like a reasonable deal to me. Good luck with the selling process Ian!

I will trade you the following:

1981 VW Rabbit Truck + 2000 A4 Avant 2.8 Quattro Automatic (needs new tranny) + Winchester model 1800 12 Gauge shot gun + one 11 year old kick-ass football player

Transportation of the car is not a problem, because I already posses it and the trailer.

Please let me know if this is a "Fair" trade ;D

Does Todd know you're getting rid of his truck?

Fix the tranny and we'll talk ;)

bummer.  will be sad to see that car go.  then again, cant wait to see what you replace it with when you are ready.


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