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Another FNG in Denver


Hey everyone.  Just purchased a 2002 A6 2.7 and with every new car, had to check in with the local forums.

The previous owner kinda beat the crap out of it, so it has a few issues, but with me doing all my maintenance it should be a manageable least till I throw a rod or something ridiculous. 

The shop that did the work on it recently (I.E. just before I bought it, met the guy at the shop and talked with him and the mechanic about it) was Autoworks of Loveland.  NEVER take your vehicle here.  The tensioner went out on it a few days before I purchased it and was supposedly fixed.  The CEL was on when I looked at it, and when I asked the owner about it, he said it was a vapor lock issue with the fuel tank.  I asked to see the codes but the mechanic agreed with the assessment and when I asked if there are any issues I need to know about, he assured me it was in good shape.  I'm pretty mechanically inclined, and noticed a couple issues (valve taps and the starter grinds a bit on a cold start) but I came to find out when I got to Denver that it threw a P0300 and P0341 code.  Long story short, the mechanic skipped a tooth putting the TB back on and the shop owner flat out lied to me about it.  So.....that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Sorry for the book.

Anyway, a new tb adjustment and starter are on the way soon.   

Maybe then I'll be able to enjoy the K04 turbos with Stage 3 Software putting out 2.4bar. 

Cheers and see you guys on the board


Welcome Jeff! Hopefully there is no further damage from the TB being off. Sounds like it can be a pretty good monster once everything is wrapped up. I miss my old 2.7T A6.


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