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**SOLD**225-45 17" 94H (Extra Load) Michelin Pilot (Energy) HX MXM4 tires - $200


Please check out my Craigslist posting for pictures.

I am selling my set of 225-45 17" 94H (Extra Load) Michelin Pilot (Energy) HX MXM4 tires. The tires have 4,800 miles on them. These were the OEM tires on my 2005 VW Passat TDI wagon.

There is 1/4" wide sliver of metal in one of them that caused a flat which discount tire said was not repairable. All four are in near new condition minus the one that is has the hole in it. I just put the stock tires and wheels in storage when this happen in the fall about five years ago and switch to my winter tires and wheels. I recently traded in my Passat so I have no need for these tires any more.

Please call Josh at 303-907-7810 or email me if you are interested or have questions.


These have been sold!


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