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SOLD ----- 2002 Passat GLX 5 Speed Manual


I am putting up for sale my beloved Passat.  I found a 1966 VW bus that I want to restore and one of my vehicles has to go.  I am going to put it up on craigslist next week, but thought I would offer it to the RMCB5 community first.  I would rather see her go to someone that will appreciate and take care of her as I have. 

Below are some of the specs.

2002 Passat GLX
Silverstone grey/Black leather interior
5 speed manual
115,000 miles
17" Largo wheels
Eibach Pro Kit system suspension - stock suspension goes with the car too.  12K on original suspension
Monster mats
Timing belt done at 82K at Autobahn
Oil changed every 5K with will have a fresh oil change as of 6/14.

Randy can vouch for the condition of my car.  Other than the timing belt it has only been to him for random tuff....busted cv boot...etc.  It has been a trouble free car.  If I could convince my wife to part with her wagon and drive a stick, I would not be getting rid of it.

I am going to ask $6,700 on craigslist, but will offer it to a RMCB5 member for $6,300.

Please PM if you are interested and I will send you some pics.



My sister's in the market. And since I know my way round it, it'd be a good fit for her. I'll be in touch.

~ JR

SOLD!!!!  Goes to new owner on Friday!!!!  The hardest goodbye of a car I have had.


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