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How's everyone doing?

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Hello everyone.

Figured it was time to poke my head in.  I have been working hard on building VerTech, an organization focused on development of CRM solutions for specific industry verticles and the general market.  A lot has changed over the past several years, including getting married to my amazing wife, Nicole.  I am finally in a position to have time to reingage with my passion for german autos.  I certainly miss the good times and friends, hope everyone is doing well.


Heya Jason,

It's good to hear from you.  I've been trying to get back to more of a life of normalcy that ended in 2005 when I moved to CT and learned how to live life with a 80 hour a week job.  I now manage a team of senior technical JDE consultant, which probably has some similarities to the CRM production you are developing.  There is a CRM product integrated into it at least, although I don't do functional work, just the techie stuff..  I've been working to get back to that ever since and am getting pretty close with my current job. 

I've learned a lot along the way, but I also sure do miss the great days of the RMCB5 crew hanging out and being a great group of friends.  Maybe we can plan a GTG later this summer and all catch up.

It's great to hear about your happy marriage.  I've 2 boys now and am keeping plenty busy with that, but I am teaching them about cars to ensure they don't lack appreciation for the finer things.

I have been trading A4 parts with a guy that lives up near DU near where Jay used to live.  That sure brings back some memories.



Great to hear from you too.  Sounds like busy is an understatement!  I can certainly understand.  We are hiring, always open to talking about opportunities with you if you are interested. 

I love the idea of a GTG late summer, would love to see everyone.  No kids on the way for us yet, but when Nicole finishes her masters program next year, we are planning for kids something thereafter. 

If others are interested in a GTG, let's make it happen!  We could do a detail day, a BBQ, meet up for dinner, etc. 

- Jason

Just popped in to update my sig.............  ;)

Sorry I've been seriously MIA around here, I have no excuse! Glad to see there's some folks still hanging out on rmcb5. I'll make more of an effort to check in more frequently.

I'm mostly on G+ and have a pretty good automotive (but mostly VW/Audi) circle going. If you're out there circle me up and I'll add you in.

Oh and I just picked up a 2006 A4 yesterday - it's a clean slate! I'll make a new post so as to not sidetrack the "catching up" discussion.

Good to hear from you Charles!  I'll check out your Audi thread and see about the new hotness.


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