Author Topic: EuroBerge, Issue 12: From peak to peak, with a stop in Vegas.  (Read 3512 times)

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From peak to peak, we bring you the latest and greatest from the European motoring scene in Colorado.  From traveling to Vegas to party with the crew from Wuste2011, to getting the best shine in the engine bay, and cruising up both Mt Evans and Pikes Peak, Issue 12 is packed to the brim.  And who could say no to the new Fiat 500, especially as two invade the streets of Downtown for one night of fun driving.  Download the latest issue and fill your enthusiast's heart with the latest and greatest.

Just  like all our releases, its 100% free and available to download or view online:  *

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[Disclaimer for the Mods: Despite how awesome our magazine may look, we do this solely on a volunteer basis and do not believe in advertising to fund our project. Also, not one of us draw a paycheck.]