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CV Boot replacement


I have been needing to replace my front CV Boot and am now wondering if there might be other issues as well. What other issues might arise if the CV boot is not replaced right away? I have been searching and reading some articles online and am wondering if I need to replace my control arms as well (slight thud when I go over bumps at moderate speed). If you need more info, please let me know.

Jonathan the car noob

Hi Jonathan!

Chances are they are worth looking at, control arms, tie rod ends. They all wear and depending where you are at mileage wise are probably pretty worn. Some are toast as early as 60K some last much longer (into the 100K range).

Hope you are doing well!

Just wanted to update, good call Jay, need a front right tie rod end as well which was affecting alignment.

Doing pretty good here thanks! How are you doing? Haven't seen any RMCB 5 folks in a long time.


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