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RIP 2001 A4 - Hello 2006 A4 Avant!


So I was about to schedule my 2nd timing belt replacement at Autobahn for the 2001 A4. Apparently the belt had another idea and decided to not go out quietly into the shop bin. Fixable, yes. And expensive on top of a laundry list of other things that needed fixing. So I called it. No more black sedan.

Tuesday I drove home its replacement: a 2006 A4 Avant: 2.0T/tip/quattro. The details, including a list of planned mods are on my member rides page. Loving the new (to us) car and am looking forward to changing its 100% stock status ASAP!  8)

UPDATE - new pic after removing the pinstripe. This is at SVE just before getting 20% tint:

Nice ride new ride! The 01 served you well for sure.

You should chip it. ;D


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