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Whatever happened with this place?

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Sometimes I think I've got the wrong site but (sadly) that's not the case.

Whatever happened to RMCB5? Did people just move on? Was it all down to the change in hosts/software? Sad.

It's still here. Some folks moved on, some moved away. Some had things change in life that take focus. We, in a sense, are still here. Not sure if it's any one thing. I for one work a lot, not a lot of free time. I don't spend much time on any forums any more. Research/trouble shooting is about it, but no time to go to GTG's or things like that. Maybe this year will be different. :)

How are you doing?

Doing fine, thanks. Was down at Randy's the other week, that's what made me think of y'all.

I'll be down there as well in a week. :) Happened to run into Winston and Pat out of the blue last night. Crazy.

I check in about once a month, but rarely post.  I think a lot of us comment, etc on Facebook now instead.  I, like Jay, don't spend time on forums much anymore. 

Jay, are you still paying to keep the website alive?


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