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Whatever happened with this place?

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I peek in once in a while...... but mostly I see the members of this forum at the shop.  BTW - thanks for the support!!!

Maybe this spring we can have a GTG and try to get the crew together.  I know a lot of us are now married, have kids, or work too much, but it would be fun.

I would be happy to host @ the shop.  Lots of parking, a back yard to BBQ in, most people know where it is too..... ;)


I would be down for that... BBQ in the backyard, you talking about Moe's?

No we moved - AGAIN!  We are bock off West Evans on Kalamath in Denver.  We are just across the street from where we first opened 8 years ago.  We have a real back yard.....

I need to update my signature I guess.....


Jack, yes still funding the site out of my pocket. Every year or so a check rolls in from google and ends up covering the costs (hence the ads). :)

Randy, I'm down for a BBQ, would be an awesome way to get us all back together and catch up.

I'm still here, though very infrequently (about once a month).
The VW's long gone and my MB sits in my garage 99% of the time. It even hasn't been detailed for almost two years! So I'd guess I haven't been so OCD on my car these days.

Not to hijack this thread, but I will be in town Feb 21-Mar 5. I would also like to meet and catch up.


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