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My b6 passat's headlights


I want to change my b5 passat headlights soon
I really like these: removed
How they look aside, the specs are a more important factor so here they are: parts4euro is a scam

What do you think?

Crystal clear corners are a must anyway with the b5 for appearance. The ecodes are nice and the price seems reasonable. You could probably install a HID kit as well and have some really great headlights. It's been awhile since I had a B5 so I am a bit out of the loop, but parts prices sure are better now.

check out www.hidprojectors.com if you go the HID route.  He makes great well priced headlights retro fits.  I've seen them on Xterras and Jeeps and will be buying a set when I get a jeep in the near future.

thanks guys that was very helpful!!


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