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x-post from Clubb5, lookie what Virtual World Parts has now!

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The little clippy thing that breaks on all the armrests!!!!! Save yourself hundreds of dollars and buy the replacement clippy thing! Onlt $13, no discount for our group though :(.


seems to me that only $13 is a heck-of-a discount from hundreds.  Thanks for noticing that Jay...huge help to many of us.


I didn't know these things broke that much!  Mine is fine.  Now my control arms, that's a different story.  They are making a lot of noise.  It could also be the tie rod ends, but I have not been able to get the car up to check yet.


--- Quote from: "ColoradoB5" ---...Now my control arms, that's a different story.
--- End quote ---

Get in on the feeler GB for the CPP Upper Control arms from ND.  Still trying to work the kinks out with Darren at ND.

Steve, I would love to, but I have my first baby due in early July, so all spending after my brakes will have to wait.  Maybe I can find a used part in the junkyard to hold me over until I can get the CPP parts.

Maybe I'll get a new job before then, who knows!


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