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Latest and hopefully the last LTB. Tip owners look!!!

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Well here is my idea to solve the ground clearance issue for Tip B5's and B5.5's in cold hard aluminum. It was a good day of manufacturing for me. And I am kinda excited about this one.

Take a look. I have the bar fitted to my 5 spd B5 first to test fitment issues. Obviously there were none for my car.

Now I want to test fit one to a Tip car to be sure it work there too.

The new LTB is a nice looking piece that just feels solid. It takes a bit of work to make the end brackets and to fit them to the bar. But over all I think this bar will be stiffer and ofer the ground clearance that Tip owners want and desire.[/url]

This looks like it will fit the ticket perfectly. :D   It looks solid and it looks like it may be just about flush with the exhaust bracket.  :wink:  I can't wait.  Let me know if you need a test subject.

Well done Chas, well done.

Chas how does tomorrow sound?  I could be down there late morning, or lunch time so you can test it on my car.


That bar looks tight Chas!  It looks kinda like the AWE drive train stabilizer.  Maybe next you can figure out how to attach your bar to the tranny?   :)


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