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Latest and hopefully the last LTB. Tip owners look!!!

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So Chas.. is this the universal bar you're putting on all cars now- even manuals? Just wondering what mine's gonna look like. Too bad Jon didn't take off his bar, we could have put that one on my car. I am psyched to try out the 'real' bar.

Amanda, there is really no reason to have the 5 spd bar be the same as the Tip bar. The 5 spd is best served by the straight shot across the two mounting points. The only reason to make a bar like the Tip is if you are going to have the two extra mounting holes that makes the LTB even stiffer yet. I call that one the RV5 (Race Version 5 spd) LTB.

I created one for my car and had it on for a couple of days before I took it off. I thought the bar needed more work and I was hearing all sorts of noises that I thought were coming from the bar. In fact, the noises I was hearing were coming from my completely thrashed front struts. Even with the standard two hole 5 spd LTB I have the noises. Once I have worked the RV5 bar over in my head a little while longer I'll make a new one and reinstall it. I'm not real sure there is a true need for it though. I mean the standard 5 spd LTb is a great thing and does much of the work without the two extra holes. But for those people that really want something special and very tight, this is the bar![/img]


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