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Latest and hopefully the last LTB. Tip owners look!!!

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That looks meaty! How much to upgrade Chas?

I need to make sure it works for the Tip cars first guys. I drove around a bit tonight with this on my car. And to tell you the truth, I couldn't feel a difference between my standard 5 spd LTB and the new design of the TIP bar. That's great news! This thing is beefy and stiff too!! But now will it clear the tranny and that bracket on the Tip cars???

The idea of this bar is that instead of going down under the exhaust bracket, the bar goes around to the front of the bracket, thus saving the ground clearance space.  8)  8)  8)  :D Also, this puts the bar more forward of the previous mounting position and even less likely that it will snag on stuff.

:shock: WOW! Chas that looks great!  Very professional looking, I can't wait to see it on a tip :)


Chas, wow that looks nice!

You are going to have to put that into production!

It did feel kind of neat to just hold that beefy bar. It wieghs in at about a tickle over 2 pounds! That's the amazing part!!  :shock: It's just too cool to look at.

What makes me most upset about this bar isn't anything to do with the bar, it's great, but the fact that I didn't see this design in my head before I built the other bars. The idea isn't an earth shaking one, but I guess I needed to eventually arrive at this design.

Hopefully Mike is going to be stopping by arouind lunch time today and we'll see what else needs to be done to this bad boy to make it work on a Tip car. I'm hoping not much. That tranny bracket should be cleared by the bar passing in front of it and under the tranny oil pan. At least this is my vision. :roll:  :roll:  :D

I guess I should go and take it off my car now.  :(  :(


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