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Computer help
« on: May 08, 2004, 02:34:37 PM »
Are any of you guys good with PC;s and be able to help out a pc illeterate person?

here;s the probelm.

I installed the norton internet security package along wih norten anti-virus. It was working fine and the firewall and all that stuff was running perect until last night..

I was trying get rid of any spy ware and junk so i downloaded this:

I followed the steps, clicked the 'fix all' button (didn;t read the fine print :mad: ) and all seemed good to go. I restarted the computer and now i can;t get any of the norton settings changed, no firewall, antivirus, etc... it claims that i am not logged in as the admin, but it won't let me log in to the norton utilities.

I know, i know, i should be playing with my computer, but i did and now i am f'd. I tried to reinstall windows and norton again and now i have 2 sets of windows installed and some extra partitian or martian things and well i am not sure what to do..

You guys can laugh at me, i am fine with that.  :P . But i hope someone here can help me out.

Any ideas? THANKS