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Logo, hat and shirt stuff
« on: March 05, 2003, 03:23:48 PM »
Hey, once we get the club logo done and picked out, I really want to make some hats and shirts for all of us.

There are a few things I need to do this though, so I'm looking for some help on some of it to make it a team effort.

1. We need to get official permission from VW to use their logo and names, etc.  There is a method of getting this that Jay is looking into.

2. We need to find a good supply of blank t-shirts and hats to use, preferrable in a variety of colors, but black for sure.

3. Once we have the logo and the go ahead from VW for using their logo, we need to find an embroiderer to stitch this stuff on there.  If anyone knows of a good one around let me know.  Otherwise, I'll start checking the yellow pages.

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