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Gietl - 1992 Audi UrS4

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1992 C4 Audi UrS4
Acquired 11/20/2006

Original Window Sticker

Engine Stuffs
3.0Bar VMAP MTM 1+ Chip running 23lbs of boost
Apikol front mount intercooler measuring 18x10x3.5
Samco hoses throughout
RS2 manifold
Stromung generation 4 true 3" turbo back exhaust
Sport Quattro adjustable bypass valve
APR front snub mount

'94 strut to strut tie bar
Bilstein sport shocks
H&R S6+ springs
2B Camber adjustment plates

Stopping Stuff
Porsche Big Red brake upgrade with S8 323x30 rotors
Mintex red pads
Stainless steel lines at all corners

Transmission Goodness
Apikol short shift kit
Late '95.5 S6 transmission with the hardened 1st gear

Interior Love
S6 sport steering wheel and airbag
Late model S6 interior burlwood trim

Exterior Joy
Clear corners
Custom made S badges in door trim

Summer Mode
18x8 BBS LM replicas
235/40/18 Sumitomo HTR+ tires

Winter Mode
16" Fuchs
225/50/16 Hankook Icebear 500

2006 B6 Passat 2.0T
Acquired 08/13/2005 - Turned in August 2008

1990 VW Jetta Coupe 1.8 8v
Bought December 2004 - Sold March 2005

2000 Audi A6 2.7T
Bought March 2004 - Sold December 2004 :(

2000 VW Passat 1.8T
Bought May 2000 - Sold May 2004 :(

Delivery Day May 2000

March 2003


Those pics sure don't show any Borbet type S wheels!  Get those things on!

Other than that, I think you should show that sweet pic of the tinted tails you have  :lol:

Jay, as soon as I learn how to paint, we have to paint your lowers.  you car looks awesome, but after seeng how it looks with the painted lowers, you gotta do it!

Hey I think that's my car next to yours!


--- Quote from: "Vanimaniac" ---Hey I think that's my car next to yours!
--- End quote ---

Van, that is, that was at VWOTG, when they allowed Audis to park with everyone else.  But soon Jay's car will be gone, he now own an A6 2.7T.  We actually just replaced the rear brakes on the Passat this evening, getting it ready to be sold.


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