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Gietl - 1992 Audi UrS4

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Jay....your Audi is motivation for me to keep my 02 B5.5 as clean and well maintained as possible.  It is a testament to the integrity of German cars.  Deutschland Uber Alles....ha.

Thanks guys I really appreciate it. It does need some love after two years of me driving it and the beating they take. Still, even with Colorado road rash you can still keep a very clean car. Even simple thing like some PDR on small dings and so forth can keep the car looking really new.

Jon, 03Indigo, is just awesome with tips on keeping the car looking nice and new. His detailing skills are just awesome.

I also used to be afraid of high mileage cars, but not so much anymore. With forums, friends, and just taking care of the vehicles they last a long long time. :)

Hey Jay....don't forget knowing least you know you won't get screwed by the dealership.


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