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Title: Dyno-Day INFO and DETAILS
Post by: kraut-sled on March 22, 2005, 01:14:09 PM
I wanted to place all the important information regarding the Dyno-Day in a separate thread, so that nothing is missed and all of you do not have to search through the 5 page thread for it.

Saturday 3/26 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

MAC Autosport
6268 E Pine Ln
Parker CO 80138  - Basically it is just south of E-470 on Parker Rd.

$50.00 Payable to MAC

Please be at MAC 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  We are going to try to keep to the schedule; however it is possible that we will get delayed as the day moves along.  I will be there all day to help get cars lined up and make sure the next person to go is ready.

Please place a list of modifications that have been made to your car in the window.  This will help all of us understand what is helping make power in your car (or causing loss of power).  Also please disclose the octane grade of fuel in your car.  If you have Toulene in your tank, please let us know.

Official Time sign-up sheet: (HP/Torque estimates)

10:00 - Kraut-Sled - I will set the bar  (200HP/215T)
10:30 - 34K (183HP/202T)
11:00 - Madigan
11:30 - Shummer (170HP)
12:00 - Cole
12:30 - Ian Cole - 'tex
1:00 - Sarah in the 337 (180HP)
1:30 - Coveredbytheblood (190HP/210T)
2:00 - JDawg in the W8 (214.5HP/216T)
2:30 - Tweakedub
3:00 - Ken Wallace - 719's fastest GLi
3:30 - Chas (190HP/225T)
4:00 - Spicoli (195HP/215T)
4:30 - Cole's Friend in the C55 AMG
5:00 - DenverNoob (Ted from AW)
5:30 - John in his S4

If you are not going to be able to make it, please call me and let me know.  303-905-1915 is my cell.

This is going to be a blast, so I will see you all on Saturday!!
Title: Dyno-Day INFO and DETAILS
Post by: Spicoli on March 22, 2005, 09:53:03 PM

COming from Denver what do you recommend is the best way to get there?

hey and what is Toulene?
Title: Dyno-Day INFO and DETAILS
Post by: coveredbytheblood on March 23, 2005, 07:40:21 AM
I would take Parker road out to E470.  Or take I-25 to E470 then shoot East to Parker road.

As for the latter part of your question, Toluene is a fuel additive said to give an increase in horsepower.  Someone on here did a test...  I think it worked.   8)
Title: Dyno-Day INFO and DETAILS
Post by: Chas on March 24, 2005, 11:03:01 AM
Toluene is a fairly nasty chemical compound that is used in a few different ways. It's already found in pump gas to help raise the octane of more expensive fuels. Another way it's used is as a paint thinner or stripper. And yet another way is as the main fuel source in race cars. Toluene has an octane rating of 114 all by itself. It is widely used in Formula 1 racing. So much so that F1 rules say that any car racing can only use a 90% toluene mix as race fuel. The various teams mix their own fuels and usually use 90% toluene and then the rest is a mix of alcolhol and some high octane gas. But a car will run on straight toluene.

As a paint thinner it is not used as much anymore because of it's very toxic make up. It is still sold in paint stores like Kwal-Howell in either one gallon or 5 gallon cans. Though beware that the sales folks might give you a hard time about it if you don't look like you are in the paint business. Toluene is also used by meth heads as an ingredient to make meth anphetamines. And is one of the main reasons why the clean up of a meth lab is so dangerous and costly. And it's also the reason why many meth labs blow up! Open flame plus highly combustable fuel source = ...  :roll:

Toluene is nasty stuff and can F you up fast. Only put it into your tank when wearing all the protective gear you can get. Goggles to cover your eyes. A resperator with heavy carbon filters. And rubber gloves for your hands. Don't splash this stuff around. It will soak through your hands and get into your system very quickly and it doesn't take a large exposure to screw with you. It's very toxic.

But the up shot is your over all octane will be raised significantly based on how much you put into your gas tank. Usually a full gallon in 12 gallons of 91 octane pump gas will get you to about 95 octane. But its a very inacurate science. But it does work and your car will love it. I wouldn't recomend a steady diet of the stuff as it will burn hotter on parts that were designed for that. Every once in a while is OK though.