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Title: 2000 S4 body parts...
Post by: AF-S4-Driver on October 27, 2005, 07:02:57 PM
Hey, everyone!  Haven't posted in a while...mainly because I got into a little trouble here at school and they took my car away  :cry: .  Anyways, earlier today I was driving on this dirt road here at school and somehow I managed to get some decent scrapes/gouges on the passenger side runnner (the plastic part on the bottom of the car) from the side of the road.  Also, the little part that sticks down right in front of the rear wheel got all banged up and is cracked.  It's not too  bad but it just bugs me.  I'm really hoping that I didn't throw my alignment off, screw up my rim, or mess up my new tires.  Well, enough about my troubles...I'll get to my point...does anyone know where I can get decent used body parts, or does anyone happen to have a set of runners (silver) laying around?  Any help, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!!