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Title: June 2004 - Dave Kirstein
Post by: ColoradoB5 on June 06, 2004, 06:41:22 AM
Hmmm! Where to start. It has been such a wild and wonderful ride over the last three years literally and virtually. Well I guess I should start at the beginning...all good stories need a start.


IN THE BEGINNING!!! I never gave a thought to owning a Passat let alone a VW. In 2001 we were coming off a lease with a 1999 Saturn SC2, a good car but a rather small one for a new addition to the family. My wife Carla and I were looking into the L-series Saturn, preferably a L200 or L300. We had settled on the L200 when Carla received a call from her brother in San Diego informing her that a friend of his was selling his 2000 Passat GLS 1.8t Tip. He wanted to sell the Passat to upgrade to a Mercedes, nice upgrade!

At first I was a bit apprehensive about it due to the turbo and how long it would last and the cost of repair. A few weeks later we received pictures in the mail and a video that her brother took so as to give us an idea of the look and condition of the car. It was very clean and only had 9600 miles, not bad for a used car. It did not take long after that to decide on getting the car and made arrangements to take possession. Initially Carla, our daughter Megan and I were going to fly out and drive back, but Carla’s brother really stepped up and him and a friend decided to drive out. Since they work for United, they could fly back-no cost! Everything was set, and then…9/11 happened! That was a real distraction for everyone. With heightened concern, we stuck to the schedule and on Sept. 25th 2001 we became the proud owners of a VW Passat!


Ever since that moment we have had nothing but fun and have never looked back. Not long after buying the Passat, I started to look around the internet for anything on Passats, an obsession of sort you might say. I then stumbled onto ClubB5 and the world of VW’s. After perusing the forums, I realized all the wonderful people and the number of mods that could be done and I was hooked. I started to mod, albeit with a limited budget. Shortly there after RMCB5 was introduced to me and I could not believe that I could have fun locally with a great bunch of fellow enthusiasts. This car and two enthusiast sites has turned me from a wannabe car guy into a someone who can say, “Yeah, I installed that!” and have a smile to back it up.


I’m very honored to have been chosen for June’s member of the month. Thank you for being the people you are, and I know that God has blessed me in being part of a wonderful group.

2000 Passat GLS- 1.8T Tip Anthractie Blue with Tan/Black interior

Current Mods:

Audi TT DV
Eibach Pro System
Flik Artic 18x8.5 Wheels
Falken FK-451 235/40/ZR18
Hella Euro HID's
Clear corners and side markers
Osram Diadem turn signal bulbs
Kenwood MP3 deck
Zimmerman cross drilled front rotors, OEM rears
Ferodo brake pads all around
L/R brake light mod
L Rear fog light
Euro switch
Red silicone vacuum hoses
Debaged boot bid
W8 sunroof controller
ECS Tuning OE HD tie rods
White 6LED city lights