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Title: Bentley Continental GT encounter
Post by: aowhaus on August 27, 2004, 04:14:43 PM
today I was filling my car at the BP station in Cherry Creek when I saw a beautiful deep metallic grey (with a hint of blue) with saddle tan leather interior filling up a couple stalls next to me.
The car is so much more beautiful and has presence in person.  The proportions, detailing and curves of the bodywork is nothing like anything on the road.  Personally I think it's a steal at $135,000 when other cars of this caliber cost a Porsche Boxster more and doesn't look as beautiful as the GT.

It turned out onto Colorado Blvd south which was the direction I was heading too so I decided to follow it, because traffic was so bad I decided to make a right hand turn rather than waiting for the left turn light -- the guy in the Bentley was probably thinking the same.  This guy was fast and it was riding the center turn lane for a couple blocks just to dodge traffic and I was zooming by the further most right lane which was a little faster where I immediately turn onto the center turn lane so that I could make a turn around at the closest strip mall.  I managed to be infront of the Bentley and I turned into the parking lot and turned around to get back out.  The guy in the Bentley crossed a few parking spots and almost hit me straight on as I was pulling out.  
He shook his head and I gave him the finger and sped off.

Awesome car, but asshole driver.
He probably doesn't know that his Bentley was made by the same "lowly" company as my B5.5!