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Title: September 2004 - Randy Weber
Post by: ColoradoB5 on September 01, 2004, 01:04:43 PM
My love for cars started as soon as I got my drivers license. Maybe not so much love for the “car” as the gas pedal. This love quickly turned sour when I was relieved of my driving privileges by the State of Colorado 6 months after I got my license. One speeding ticket and one wrecked car (thank god it was not my car) is not the way to start one's driving career. Lucky for me I spent most of my time in Europe – so I got to drive anyway.

I fell in love with VW as soon as I took my first ride in a B4 Passat Variant. It was a TDI and man could that car move. Not only was it fast and good looking, you could haul a ton of stuff in it. Four ski jumpers and all our stuff fit in the car and all our ski’s on top! Now that was the car for me! Unfortunately for the Passat, it’s time on top was short lived, after all the German team was rolling in fleet of Audi A6 – TDI. Bastards!!!

Fast forward a bit and I am living & working in Denver. I convinced my fiancée at the time to buy a Silver B5 1.8t. I was so happy, but alas it was her car, not mine. I did steal it often and after a issue with my BMW 740 – stupid blown engine! – I knew the time for my own Passat had arrived. I got on the phone with McDonald and told them what I wanted and to call me when they get it. It took two months, but they finally got a 2002 B5.5 1.8t manual, with NO OPTIONS. It was Blue-Silver, not my first choice of color, but I took the car anyway.

I had the car for the winter of 2002 until March of 2003. I had just installed an aluminum dash kit and leather steering wheel cover when disaster struck… I hit an Elk at 60 MPH and that was the end of that! I will say the car was a mess but, my son, my friend Robbie, and I were all able to walk away with no significant injuries. I do nave a scar on each wrist from the hot airbag gasses and Rob got blood on the airbag, but other that that, nothing. Airbags are life savers – thank God out cars have a lot of them!!

I knew the car was totalled, so I got on the phone with McDonald again and worked a deal for my next Passat (that is three for those who are counting). This time is was a 2003 Silverstone Grey B5.5 1.8t manual. I picked the car up and I was on cloud nine. I felt so good that I asked a girl at the dealership if she wanted to go out with me sometime – well at least I had a new car…

I stumbled on to the world of tuning because I picked up a copy of Eurotuner with the most amazing Passat on the cover. I soon found out it belonged to Femi and a search of his name brought me to ClubB5, then to RMCB5 and soon into financial ruin.


I always enjoyed working on cars and believe that doing-it-yourself is good for the sole and the wallet. I have learned more about cars, engines, and driving then I ever thought I would. I have met a great group of people and had some wonderful adventures as a result of being a member of the RMCB5 Cult. Most notability the charity drive to CA with Julian Fang and his supercharged V6 and the Track Day at Second Creek. I hope there are many more fun times ahead for me.


Thanks to all of you, my car can now easily eclipse any speed limit. It corners like it is on rails. And most importantly, when shit breaks – I know where to turn to get help fixing it.


So remember to drive fast and take chances.

Completed Mods:
-VOTEX Front Spoiler
-Engine Cover Paint ( includes cover, caps )
-EVO Cold Air Intake System
-ISOTTA Leather Steering Wheel Cover
-Painted OEM Shift Knob to Match Body Color
-TT Antenna
-S1.8T Badge Install - Rear
-Passat Badge Removed
-17 Inch AT ITALIA RIVA Wheels OR 17 inch OZ SuperTourismos
-235/45 Kumho 712 Estca Supra tires
-Red Brake Calipers
-Hard Wired Radar Detector
-Fog Lamps Installed (The new GL Model does not have them)
-Aluminum Dash Kit
-Euro Switch
-Disconnected DTRL
-Front Chrome and badge removed
-Custom Grill (Do not try this at home it is a pain in the A$$)
-TT Pedals Installed
-Boost Gauge Installed in drivers left vent
-Neuspeed Springs & Bilstine Shocks
-Forge 006 Billet Diverter Valve
-REVO ECU Software

Future Plans
-Side Skirt / Rear Valance Paint to Match Body
-Swap Interior with Black Cloth
-Rear Sway Bar
-Replace Vacuum Lines