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Title: December 2004 - Andrew Self
Post by: ColoradoB5 on December 01, 2004, 12:49:15 PM
How strange it is that I was selected as member of the month of a B5 club. OH YEAH!!! Oh, by the way I drive an 01' Golf 1.8t. Otherwise dubbed GO 180!! Soon.. soon...


Ok, so a little about myself and the car. My love of cars is fairly new. I have always appreciated fast vehicles, especially driving them. I however was never able to own one until now. Getting this car is attributed to God. It is because he saved me from my completely reckless irresponsible lifestyle and then placed me into a job where I can afford such luxuries as the GO.


My first car since I had my license again was a 99' VW Jetta 2.slow.  It was not a fast car. Let me repeat, it was not a fast car. I had dreams of mods and things like Neuspeed supercharger, but I thought it would fall apart. The car was great for getting around from here to there but after my wreck on memorial day 02, I just didnt trust the car.


I have had my GO now for about 4.5 months and have allready begun the modding process. So far the mods include, Brenbo X-Drilled/Slotted rotors, and ceramic pads. Millitek exhaust, which by the way is awesome!! Turbo spools up real quick. Forge divertor valve. (Had hoped to get a chip, but unfortunately not yet. Probably January) Last and certainly not least H&R coilovers. As you will see in this picture my car is not lowered equally between the front and back. Well apparently my coils rub the front tires hence the two inch lift up front. I have spacers now just waiting for some cash to buy some lugs.

Now, is there anything else that I can say here... hmm. Oh, snow tires make a HUGE difference. My Yokohomas were absolutely horrible in the snow. Now I drive the GO 180 TANK!!

Shout out to JR for letting me know about the club. Shoutout to Andy 34K for his hands and help with my mods. Shout out to the whole B5'ers club for all the info and very crucial advice concerning what to buy.


Most importantly have a merry Christmas.

Until the next time we meet. PeAcE!!!