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Title: Gauge Ring Installation/Cluster Removal
Post by: jayryan on December 21, 2004, 04:23:32 PM

Tools Needed:

8mm Socket
T-20 Torx Driver
T-10 Torx Driver
Phillips Head Screwdriver (small)
Flexible Ratchet Driver (at least 1" long)

You do not need to remove the steering wheel in this procedure

1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

2. Remove driver side fuse panel by pulling out at the front of the panel.

3. Remove lower driver side panel. This does not need to be removed completely, but enough to get to screws underneath steering column. There are (2) 8mm bolts just under the fuse panel and (2) T-20 Torx screws at the back of the panel just before the pedals.

Gently pull the panel out and down from the top to release the clips on each side of the steering column. There are 2 clips at the very back on the right and the left that can be removed by pulling the panel out completely.

As you disconnect the panel, make sure you disconnect the wiring harness at the VAG-COM port, light/Euroswitch and dimmer switch. This will prevent any wires from breaking or housing from tearing apart if the panel is accidentally pushed farther down.

Alternately, the light/Euroswitch can be pulled out on it's own without removing the lower panel. Push the switch all the way in, turn towards the ON position until switch stops turning and then pull switch out. This action depresses the clip that secures the switch to the panel for effecient and simple acces to the switch and wiring harness without the removal of the panel.


4. Remove top of steering column housing. This is achieved by adjusting steering wheel all the way down and locking. there are (2) screws towards the steering wheel on each side of the column underneath. Use the small phillips head to remove these. The housing will start to move up. Once the screws are removed, gently lift the housing and pull it out. There are two tabs at the rear that you will use to guide the housing back into it's proper position.

5. Remove steering column ring (partially). This is the plastic surround. There are (4) screws holding this piece in place. The first (2) screws are just to each side of the steering column facing the seat bottom. (This is why the lower panel is removed). Use the T-10 Torx driver to remove these screws.

The second (2) screws are just below the guage cluster behind the steering column ring. These also secure the cluster housing. Use the Flexible ratchet driver and T-20 Torx bit to remove these. You will most likely have to jockey the steering wheel to gain the best access.

Once the (4) torx screws are removed, gently pull the steering column ring towards the steering wheel to place it out of the way of the gauge cluster.

6. Remove gauge cluster. At this point, gently grab the lower edge of the gauge cluster right about where the torx screws were and work the cluster foward.


7. Disconnect cluster display harnesses. The B5 has (2) display harness to remove after the cluster is pulled foward. gently turn the cluster so you can access the harnesses. Pull the clip up and the harness comes out of the cluster. Do this for both harnesses. Pull the gauge cluster completely out.

8. For removal of the cluster housing to access gauge faces or to add rings, remove (2) small phillips head screws on the back of the cluster on each side. Then work your way around the outside of the cluster and release each housing tab.

Gently pull the the cluster and housing apart to be sure that the long display adjustment pillars do not break.


9. Installation is reverse of above procedure.