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Title: January 2005 - Andrew (34K)
Post by: ColoradoB5 on January 03, 2005, 09:13:51 AM
My first car was a 1976 Chrysler Cordoba. Big, yellow, comfy leather, power EVERYTHING, gas hungry (5.9L 360 cubic inch BEAST), and silky smooth at 80mph. Somehow I managed to convince myself that BIG cars were the bee's knees.

When I moved to Colorado Springs the 'Doba died an agonizing death. It sounded like someone had replaced my engine with a 50-gallon metal drum filled with cinder blocks and tow chains shaking like a thunderous baby rattle under the hood.

I needed to sort out a new car as soon as possible. My friends were all driving these little sporty coupes and I'll be damned if the things weren't more fun than a jell-o diaper. I went test driving cars and settled on a 1983 BMW 635 CSI where after lighting up the rear end from a dead stop across four lanes of traffic while taking a left turn I was hooked. The German car bug laid its eggs, but alas, when I went back to the dealer to talk him down to a reasonable price the following day the car had gone.

That day, still in need of a car I went out and bought my first Acura, a 1987 Integra, which started the modding craziness. After moving back to California I bought my 1994 Integra.

While there, I spread the compact car sickness to a friend of mine after I convinced him to buy a 1990 Corrado and look at the tuning possibilities which I've always loved the look of.

I was happily living with sewing machine precise Hondas when my 1968 Porsche came into my life and reminded me about my first experiences with fine German automobiles.

That story is over HERE. (

I quickly sold the Integra and began building the Porsche. I had found my way home. The Porsches engine was built to my specifications with the help of Harry Pellow at HCP Research in Santa Clara, CA. Bursch exhaust, custom cam grind, dual 44IDE downdraft Webbers with K&N filters, 1730cc over bore kit, Fuchs wheels, stripped interior, and a Alpine head unit with 12-disc changer in boot.

The Porsche was great on the coast and up in Seattle, but when I moved home to Aspen, it became quite unhappy. I drove it up there for a year or so but decided that I needed something I could drive over the passes to Denver and put miles on without a care. Here, I digressed for a moment and bought a 1986 Honda Civic Si with 186k miles on it(it's currently at 220,000 and still pulling like a CHAMP, btw). Mod plans for this car started rolling around in my head with thoughts of dropping a late 1.8L Integra lump under the hood and building a nasty little sleeper.

Soon after that, I moved to Denver and started very casually looking at VWs again. I was originally thinking about a Corrado and the possibility of fitting one of those very tunable 1.8T mills in it. Then one day, on a whim I decided to go look at cars. Not to buy mind you, just ya know -go drive something.

The first dealership I stopped at was Mountain States where the sales person assured me that I would not find a GTI at any of the local dealerships since the 2004 Golfs had just started arriving and the GTIs weren't due for a few more weeks. No, we can't call any of the other dealerships in the area, sorry. BUT OH, but we do have one GTI in an automatic out back that he could give me a screaming deal on. Needless to say, I left that dealership screaming fast...

I wandered down Broadway, feeling a little disheartened, past all of the used cars scanning for a Corrado but found nothing. Eventually I stopped at McDonald VW and wandered down the row of cars they had parked out front. There was a black Golf about half way down the row that captured my eye. It was a two door -check, and as I got closer, sure enough, it was a GTI -check, 1.8T -check, and what's this, a manual?! I climbed into the car and quickly noted that it had… well… everything: leather, heated seats, sunroof, traction control, etc… and all of 12 miles on the clock. A 45-minute test drive later I was writing up paperwork and haggling the price. I kept thinking to myself, "Show no weakness. If they see the wide-eyed ear to ear grin you had on your face the first time you launched onto I-25 they're not going to budge on the sticker price." I kept pinching my leg under the table to keep a stern, business-like, you can't take advantage of ME face. I guess it worked; I walked out of there with the car for about 4k under sticker.

I started making subtle cosmetic changes here and there, ditching the flag-pole antenna for the VW Sharon one, replacing the side markers and turn signals with smoked ones and various other tid-bits. I'm all about the OEM-plus look. Keep things subtle and stick to European Audi/VW parts where possible.

Here's my current list of Mods:
VW/Audi OEM:
VW Blue Tinted Side Mirrors
VW R32 OEM Aluminum Interior Trim
- Driver/Passenger Door Pulls
- Driver/Passenger Door Handles
- Center Console
- Ash Tray Cover
VW R32 Stye Gauge Faces(silver)
VW R32 Silver Gauge Rims/Bezels
VW R32 Front Aero Wipers
VW Polo Rear Aero Wiper
VW Sharon 2.5" Antenna
VW Lupo GTI Grille Badge
VW Black "VW" Grille Badge
VW Black "VW" Rear Lid Badge
VW Bora German Sport Edition Shift Knob
VW Touareg Cigarette Lighter LED Flash Light
VW NB Sunglasses Holder
VW NB TurboS Aluminum Door Pins
VW NB TurboS Dead Pedal
Audi TT Aluminum Pedals
Audi TT Short Shifter
Audi TT Fender Liner Mod
VW European GTI Hella Tail Lights
VW 1.8T & GTI Shaved Badges from Rear Lid
VW 337 Style Headlights (Joey Mod)/ Blackened Headlight Housing
VW Golf Clear Headlight Turn Lenses
VW GTI Monster Floor Mats

AlienTech KeyFob Window Controler
Smoked Bumper Turn Signals
Smoked Side Markers
Passport 8500 x50(blue) Hardwired
Kamei Honeycomb Badgeless Sport Grille (waiting for paint!)
Silver Bulb Front Turn Indicators
Front Euro Plate(ECC): "WOB 2480"
Silver Engine Covers/Battery Cover
Brushed Metal VW Logo on Keyfob (hehe)
Replaced Red LED Alarm Light in door with Blue Ultrabright LED

REVO 3-BAR Software
Forge DV
ECS Dog Bone Mount
Evolution MotorSports Cold Air Intake

OZ Supperleggra 18" x 8" (17.6 lbs.)
Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 - 225/40/18
Koni Adjustable Sport Shocks
Eibach Sportline Springs (Lowered 1.8")
Neuspeed 28mm Rear Sway Bar


I met the RMCB5 guys through Alan Wong at one of the GTGs at Blake St. Tavern sometime early in 2004. I hadn't actually bought my GTI yet but everyone was super friendly and hey, I love talking about cars. Since joining, I've come to know and have the utmost respect for you guys and gals. You're always quick and willing to help people new and old with their questions and problems.

Thank you to Alan Wong for reminding me about VWs again and all of his help and advice, Jon for his hands and tools for the suspension and dog-bone engine mount, Jason for the VAGing to help with my idle, Greg for tackling the JoeyMod with me and all of the rest of you for being by far the finest groups of car enthusiasts I've ever known.