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Title: Bi-Turbo V8 '94 Mustang
Post by: jayryan on January 11, 2005, 01:32:38 PM
My dad's in Orlando and meets lots of people with the ministry he's with and his new friends are a father and 19 year old son, owners of a stock-looking but lowered (with body kit) '94 Mustang.

It's runs approx. 600hp. He broke the tires easily at 60mph. They've gone through four transmissions and get no traction. Even on 285/17's.  8O

Here's the kicker: They're putting in a new block and transmission (no dumping the clutch on this car) and cranking the boost from 10lbs. (that's right, they're only running 5lbs. per turbo) to 23lbs. When they're done it'll be 1200hp. Currently, it's cammed up and tuned to the max.

1200 horses 8O My dad asked him what they'd do with 1200 and he's all, "Eh, I don't know, race it a little." Yeah, problem is, they don't get any traction as it is, so they're working out mod that consists of a Viper rear end so they can run even wider tires. 8O

He said they currently race it a little, but traction is proving to be a problem as with the torque it's putting out it causing the tires to break at even a feather of the accelerator. He said they're either running easy 10's or should be (traction). dad and I are already making plans to go out there  :twisted:

So my sports car dad, who's had about every classic (tuned) car on the market and his share of Merc's and Porsche's said this was easily the fastest and coolest car he's every been in or seen :P He talked about all the cool guages and and body kit and everything...that's funny. I want to drive this car :twisted: